Lairg Lanb sales- small


Scale and ownership
The entire area extends to just over 123,000 ha, which includes a considerable area of enclosed forestry and farmland as well as open hill. It is one of the larger DMG areas in Scotland. There are 20 main members of the Group, which is split in to 2 x sub- areas, west and east. In addition, there are a number of smaller properties around the south and east of the Group who, while not members, will be influenced by deer management activities and who correspond with the Group. Broadly speaking, the interior of the group is dominated by hill & upland terrain and large expanses of blanket bog and deep peat, grazing both red deer and sheep, with red grouse also being locally important in some areas. The balance of these objectives varies between ownerships, but red deer are an important objective throughout. Around the periphery of the group is concentrated a significant area of forestry, both coniferous and native woodland, and fertile farmland lies to the south and east. The greater part of the forest area is managed by Forest Enterprise, although there are also significant private woodland plantations in the interior of the Group as well. There are a number of both tenanted and owner occupied farms within the area and in the wider vicinity, and areas of crofting tenure, with grazing committees being an important community interest.

Fishing is important on the Helmsdale and on the Naver, and there are a large number of lochs within the area.

The members of the group are:

Western Sub Group
Altnaharra, Badanloch, Ben Armine, Clebrig, Dalnessie, Forest Enterprise & Loch Choire.

Eastern Sub- Group
Balnacoil, Borrobol, Dalreavoch, Dunrobin, Gartymore/ W Helmsdale, Gordonbush, Kildonan, Kintradwell, Morvich, Torrish, Tressady & West Garty/ Crackaig/Culgower.