Deer Management Plan

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Below are a variety of documents which comprise the Deer Management Plan for East Sutherland. The documents will be updated as appropriate.

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Main Documents

Background Information & Policies

Working Plan



1.ESDMG Location Map

2. ESDMG Members map

3. ESDMG Reporting Units Map

Note: The numbers of these reporting units will change as additional reporting members are brought in to the group. Updated numbering will then be applied throughout all the maps below.

4. ESDMG Suggested new sub- area structure map

5. ESDMG Management Objectives Map

6. ESDMG Sheep distribution Map

7. ESDMG Community Councils Map

8. ESDMG Designated Sites map

9. ESDMG SPA & Ramsar Sites map

10. ESDMG Landscape Map

11. ESDMG SSSI Condition Map

12. ESDMG Woodland Creation Map

13. ESDMG Herbivore Impacts outwith designated sites Map

14. ESDMG Key Herbivore Impact woodland areas Map

15. ESDMG 2008 Deer Count Density Map

16. ESDMG 2015 Deer count density map

17. ESDMG Deer- Vehicle Collisions Map

18. ESDMG Deer Fences Map

19. ESDMG Habitat Monitoring Map


Appendix 1 ES DMG Constitution

Appendix 2  ES DMG Contacts List

This appendix is confidential to Group Members only. Contact with the Group is encouraged via the Chair or Secretary.

Appendix 3 ES DMG Designated Sites

Appendix 4 Deer Cull data requirements

Appendix 5  2015-16 Deer Cull Summary by property

This appendix is Confidential to Group members only.

Appendix 6 Monitoring of Designated Features

Appendix 7 ES DMG Population Model

This appendix is Confidential to Group members only.

Appendix 8 ES DMG Broad Habitat data.


ESDMG Larder Sheet- Males

ESDMG Larder Sheet- Females

The columns marked in yellow denote the information that will be collected for each property within the group on an annual basis for collation and analysis.